About The Firm

Founded as an individual Law Firm in 1972, at present it is a complete legal services corporation; it provides general counseling services in litigation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration for a variety of legal entities and pesons in the private and public sectors. The firm, now directed by Dr. David Rodríguez Ycaza, grants general services especially in the relations with Govermental Entities in Biddings and Public Purchases; Corporate Matters; Commercial Law; Family Law; Administrative Law; Telecommunications, Electrical, Water and Sewage, Utilities Laws; Foreign Investments; Intellectual Property; Labor Matters; Insurance; Mining Law; Litigation and Resolution of Conflicts.


To offer high quality legal services, oriented to the Counseling and Defense of our Client’s interests. To render efficient legal services, at reasonable tariffs. Our Firm Works seeking human and professional excelence, with social responsability and ethical compromise.


To be leaders in our activity, by means of the provision of general and specialized services with the aid of Legal, paralegal and administrative personnel highly trained, creative and compromised with our clients, which permits us to be in the front line of the juridical field, thus guaranteeing excelence in the service and attention rendered.


The provision of a profesional service of optimal quality.


For abiding with our Mision we count on a team of jurists and lawyers graduated at prestigious universities of Ecuador and specialized in academic leader institutions of our country and abroad. We maintain profesional relations with correspondent Firms and attorneys at law asociated in the country and abroad. We are part of acredited international lawyers associations.


  • RJC, Principal of the Firm
  • DRY, Director
  • JrJC, Chief Attorney at Law
  • ET